Trophiends (AS3 / Web Game)

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Trophiends (pronounced tro-fiends), my sixth project, was a game featuring a new gameplay mechanic.  It was released in July 2012.



Trophiends is a simple puzzle-platformer where the player must control one, two, three, or even four characters at once while attempting to get each of them to their respective trophy.  The game featured 30 levels, 5 bonus levels, and a built-in level editor so users can create and share their own levels.  The level editor was a big challenge, but was very rewarding in the end.  Built from scratch, the level editor is very simple and user-friendly and is what I used to create the levels in the main game.

Trophiends Trophiends Trophiends

Trophiends Trophiends

Trophiends currently sits at about 2,700,000 hits.  This was also the first game of mine where I actually began seeing player-made gameplay videos popping up on Youtube, another big personal milestone.

Gameplay Trailer

Click to play

All artwork, animation, and programming was done by myself using Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and FlashDevelop.

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