Plunder Peril (Java / LibGDX / Android Game)

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Plunder Peril was planned to be a 14-day project completed while I took a mini-vacation from Combat Racing development.  It slowly turned into something slightly bigger than I expected and ended up taking 4 weeks to complete.

It is written in Java using the LibGDX framework and utilizes the Google Services API for leaderboards, ads, and analytics and was released in April 2014.

Plunder Peril


I was inspired to create Plunder Peril after I noticed the rise in demand for simple, challenging games due to the overwhelming hype behind a small game titled Flappy Bird. What originally was going to be a 14-day project ended up taking about a month instead.

While I had been working with Java/LibGDX extensively prior to this project (Combat Racing was well under development), I hadn’t actually completed an Android app yet.

This project served as a valuable learning experience where I was exposed to all of the ins-and-outs of releasing an Android app, including but not limited to working with the Google Services API (leaderboards, ads), Google Analytics, and the general process of uploading to Google Play.

Plunder Peril Plunder Peril Plunder Peril Plunder Peril

The goal of Plunder Peril is simple – guide your character and collect any and every coin you see – oh, and also survive for as long as you can!  Submit your best score to the leaderboard and see how well you rank against the rest of the world.

Gameplay Trailer


Click to play

All artwork, animation, and programming was done by myself using Adobe Photoshop and Eclipse.  Powered by the LibGDX framework.

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