Paranoia 1 Spider (Flash Animation)

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Paranoia 1 – Spider was my first completed animation in recent years.  Animation was my first passion before having to take a back seat to allow time for game development.  Paranoia 1 was released in March 2012.

Paranoia 1 - Spider


Paranoia 1 – Spider was intended to be the first of many small little comedy skits that I’d produce every now and again.  It was created in the span of a week with on and off work.

I’ve included this project in my portfolio to help show my familiarity with the Flash IDE.  While it may not necessarily show the best of my animation skills, I hope it may be enough to illustrate my proficiency with Flash as an animation tool, as I’ve been using the program for about a decade now – since before MX 2004.

Paranoia 1 - Spider Paranoia 1 - Spider

Paranoia 2 actually sits half-completed on my hard drive.  Maybe one day…

All artwork and animation was done by myself using Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop.

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