[OLD] Don’t Panic (AS3 / Web Game)

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Don’t Panic is the fourth game I developed.  Personally, it serves as a milestone for myself as the point where I began creating bigger, more in-depth games.  It was released in June 2011.

Don't Panic


Don’t Panic, while an old project, is still one of my most proud accomplishments.  While it may not look terrible appealing, I believe the “fun” aspect was definitely present.  It was also the first game where I was able to actually tell somewhat of a story and have personal characters – even a main bad guy!

Don't Panic Don't Panic Don't Panic

Don't Panic Don't Panic Don't Panic

Don't Panic Don't Panic

Don’t Panic is a simple defense game where the player attempted to keep swarms of enemies from reaching the alien base.  Features of the game include:

  • Fourteen levels of intense gameplay.
  • Two major boss fights.
  • Storyline with animated opening cutscene as well as a rewarding final cutscene.
  • Two different game modes – “Regular” and “Survival”
  • Three different difficulty types for every player.
  • Competitive scoreboards for each game mode and difficulty type.
  • Functional store to replenish ammunition, buy weapon upgrades, and recruit reinforcements.
  • Ability to swap and combine different weapon mods to make each weapon as powerful as it can possibly be.
  • Save/load functionality.

A personal critique of Don’t Panic is the art style.  If given the chance to change things, one of my first goals would be to make the game look more visually appealing.  (I am actually creating a spiritual sequel to this game for mobile devices where I’m attempting to take this and other criticisms to heart.  Check out Defend and Panic!).

Gameplay Trailer

Don’t Panic was my first game with a trailer.  Please excuse the mediocrity.

Click to play

All artwork, animation, and programming was done by myself using Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and FlashDevelop.

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