[OLD] Christmas Defense (AS3 / Web Game)

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Christmas Defense is my third project created from my desire to develop a holiday-themed game in time for Christmas.  It was released in December 2010.

Christmas Defense


Christmas Defense, as the name suggests, is a Christmas game where the player is tasked to defend Santa’s milk and cookies from an oncoming Grinch army.  This is accomplished with an array of holiday-themed weapons and various types of reinforcements.  Between levels, the player can use money to purchase new weapons, upgrade current weapons, and deploy new reinforcements.

Christmas Defense Christmas Defense

Being a typical defense game where the player must survive wave after wave until a final boss battle, Christmas Defense did well – recording upwards of 1,500,000 hits.  The biggest complaints were that of slow, repetitive gameplay.  Since this is one of my first games, this was a typical problem I didn’t know how to overcome at the time.

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All artwork, animation, and programming was done by myself using Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop.

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