Defective (AS3 / Web Game)

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Defective is my fifth game released 10 months after Don’t Panic in April 2012.



Defective is a game I developed in a new genre for myself.  It is the second game of mine with an actual storyline, plot, boss characters, and cutscenes.

In Defective, the player is given control over an innocent spaceship-character who was deemed “defective” and cast away.  Using upgrades found throughout each level as well as the ability to morph into any of the enemy characters, the player is tasked to fight their way through each of the 12 levels to eventually defeat the 3 evil bosses.  The game features:

  • 12 levels of shoot-em-up action.
  • 3 intense boss fights.
  • 5 beautiful, custom-made music tracks just for this game!
  • Storyline with a beginning and ending cutscene.
  • 5 different upgrade types to find, 2 in each level.
  • 5 different enemy types, not including 4 smaller “minion” enemies and 2 “turret” enemies.
  • The player can transform into any of the main enemy types after destroying and absorbing 3 of their “souls.”
  • Built-in achievements, ready to either ship as-is or connect to an API.
  • Save / load functionality with 2 separate “save slots,” players can pick up from where they left off later!
  • Beautiful and polished graphics, with particles!

Defective Defective Defective

Defective Defective

While a very visually-appealing game, Defective suffered from poor controls as communicated through player reviews.  In hindsight, making the player controls more responsive would have likely led to a much more successful release.

Gameplay Trailer

In addition to the gameplay trailer, I also released other videos showing some of the art asset creation in Flash.  These videos can be viewed here:

Click to play

All artwork, animation, and programming was done by myself using Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and FlashDevelop.  Music was custom-made from a freelance musician.

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