[UNFINISHED] Defend and Panic! (Java / LibGDX / Android Game)

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Defend and Panic! was a personal project being worked on for Android devices using Java/Android SDK and the LibGDX library.

Defend and Panic


Defend and Panic! is the spiritual sequel to an older game of mine, Don’t Panic.  The game is currently in its very early stages at the time of writing, but the game design document fleshes out the end product very well.  In it, the player controls an alien leader defending his base from oncoming swarms of different types of robotic enemies.  By collecting gems, utilizing different weapons, recruiting reinforcements, and buying upgrades, the player aims to fight through level after level to eventually defeat the final boss.

Defend and Panic! Defend and Panic!

My main goal is obviously to develop a fun and entertaining game.  However, my other main focuses include supporting the wide-range of Android devices in terms of layout design and performance optimizations (currently the game supports nearly all Android devices with three different resolutions of game assets selectively chosen at launch).

All artwork, animation, and programming was done by myself using Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Eclipse utilizing the LibGDX library.

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