[UNFINISHED] Combat Racing (Java / LibGDX / Android Game)

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Combat Racing is a personal project being worked on for Android devices using Java/Android SDK and the LibGDX library.

Combat Racing


Combat Racing is a top-down 2D racing game for Android devices.  It is currently in development and is scheduled for release sometime in early 2014.

Taking into account everything learned from my previous web-based racing games Weapons on Wheels 1 and 2Combat Racing will be full of fun, action-packed racing warfare either against the AI or with a friend in 2-player mode.

The game will feature six default cars to choose from (plus even more unlockable cars) as well as a few different level packs.  During each level pack, the player can collect coins to upgrade their car and eventually get to face the boss to unlock him as a selectable car.

Combat Racing Combat Racing Combat Racing Combat Racing Combat Racing


Here are a few videos showing off what Combat Racing looks like.

Combat Racing is currently under development and the images/videos above are to simply give an idea as to what the game looks like as of this posting.

All artwork, animation, and programming was done by myself using  Adobe Photoshop and Eclipse utilizing the LibGDX library.

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